Maltman Wedding Drone Video

Maltman Wedding Video

We were pleased to get a call asking to do a wedding video, but not just any video, a drone only video.

Elizabeth called in and her videographer cancelled on them last minute. She had only two weeks to go before the wedding. They found us on a Google search and saw we did Drone video so decided to give us a call. After a couple calls they decided they didn’t want the standard ground video, instead they wanted only Aerial video and asked if we could provide just that.

Just that we did, taken aback for a minute and caught off guard on such a request, it was something I was excited to do. My only concern was capturing enough video to be able to create a long enough video. In case you didn’t know it takes hours of video to come up with minutes of actual usable video once all the cutting and editing is done.

Another concern was the location, once we got the go ahead, we had little information to go on, except the it was in a rural area with about 10 acres. Well, that was a start, so we created a shot list and I went on Google Earth to get an idea of the surrounding area, few wires, poles houses etc. Once I saw it was wide open, I was relieved a bit since I wouldn’t be constrained to a small flying area.

I arrived a bit early to get a lay of the land and see where I could launch and land the drones from as well as where everything was laid out, if I didnt mention this before, it was going to be an outdoor wedding, great, now for timing of everything!

I had to work quick as I didn’t get any heads up when guests were arriving, when the bride was coming out etc. Once I saw things happening, I had to quickly launch and got into position to capture the shots I needed. Since I couldn’t hold up the wedding or ask the bride to stop and come back down the aisle, I had to work quick and think even quicker!

Now for the fun part, the weather…dun dun dun dunnnnn. It was a beautiful day for a wedding, if you were attending, not if you were trying to fly a drone! I brought both my drones switching back and forth depending on the shot and flight time I needed, but the issue was the wind! Wow, 22mph gusts, my smaller drone was sideways just trying to fight the wind sometimes, not good, but I kept going and and the end of the day, everything worked out, the clients loved the video and I was just happy to pull it off!

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